Pure silk scarves

Luxury pure silk scarves for any occasion,
showcasing New Zealand Plants and Birds.

Original artwork of internationally renowned artist
Sue Wickison.

Marlborough Rock Daisy Silk Scarf

The silk scarf design is made up of images from three original paintings of these endemic New Zealand plants.

Marlborough rock daisies (Pachystegia Insignis) are compact, low-growing shrubs, grown as much for their attractive leathery leaves as their eye-catching daisy flowers. They need good drainage and shelter from frosts, but once established they will survive strong winds and salt spray. They are found naturally only in dry areas in the north-east of the South Island of New Zealand.

Chatham Island Forget-me-not (Myosotidium Hortensia). In the wild this showy mega herb is found in the Chatham Islands on coastal cliffs, rock outcrops, on beaches just above the high tide mark and in coastal forest openings. This plant is widely grown as a popular garden plant throughout New Zealand and overseas.

A solitary plant of Tecomanthe Speciosa or the Three Kings Vine was discovered on the Three Kings Islands, 55 km off the northern tip of New Zealand, during a scientific survey in 1945. No other specimens have ever been found in the wild and by the time of its discovery goats had reduced the entire population to a single specimen on Great Island, making it one of the world’s most endangered plants. The last remaining specimen grew on a cliff too steep for goats to reach it. It was rescued by horticulturalists who took cuttings from the original plant and it is now a thriving garden plant throughout New Zealand and a success story of recovery from extinction.

Treat yourself to this luxury hand-finished scarf and feel the soft caress of satin silk next to your skin. Feel beautifully elegant when you wear this unique design.

Hand stitched rolled hems, satin silk 12 momme. Colourfast and expertly printed to capture the fine detail of the original artwork by Sue Wickison.

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Comes in two sizes, long and square:

  • Long size 53 x 180cms - NZ$ 110
  • Square 87 x 87 cms - NZ $99
New Zealand Botanical Art Silk Scarves

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New Zealand Botanical Art Silk Scarves

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Copyright © Sue Wickison, All Rights Reserved.


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