Exhibition of Botanical Art: Unusual and Intriguing plants

Exhibition Season: 22nd September to Wednesday 27th March 2019

In its 150 year history, the Wellington Botanic Garden has collected
some unusual and intriguing plants.

Internationally renowned Botanical Artist Sue Wicksion, a long time
Wellington resident, has an eye for the weird and wonderful and over
the past few years has illustrated some of these oddities.

Come and see the metre tall Devil’s tongue, Amphorphophallus konjac or the tiny Ceropegia woodii blown up to be 20 times larger than life. Or enjoy the playful rhythm and lovely movement of the Mouse Plant, Arisarum proboscideum.

Many of the paintings have been exhibited at Kew Gardens or elsewhere around the world and we now have the collection together in Wellington as part of the Garden’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Created in the traditional watercolour style of Botanical Art the work is both dramatic in colour and layout as seen here with Arisaema sikokianum or the delicate pinks of the Arisaema candidissimum.

Sue Wickison is a qualifed Scientific Illustrator who worked at Kew Gardens, collected orchids in the Solomon Islands and has won a gold medal from the Royal Horticulural Society, London.

Some of the paintings shown in the exhibition won Sue a gold medal at the RHS in London.

The exhibition is open from Saturday 22nd September to Wednesday 27th March at the Tree House in the Wellington Botanic Garden.

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