Sue was born and brought up in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Her passion for natural history was nurtured by her father, a teacher, amateur botanist and artist who used to take her on expeditions locating, identifying and collecting botanical specimens.

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Sue has travelled extensively and worked on illustrated books for the Agricultural and Forestry departments
in the Solomon Islands, Nepal and Vanuatu. She has also produced over 50 natural history stamp designs for several countries
in the Pacific, including New Zealand.

Sue Wickison and her family have now settled in New Zealand where Sue works as a freelance botanical artist working on both the intriguing native flora and also plants of international interest.

Plants of the Quran For the last four years Sue has been travelling gathering information on the Plants of the Holy Qur’an project within the UAE from the Empty Quarter to Abu Dhabi and into the deserts in Sharjah to remote farms in search of the correct plants. She has also travelled to Oman and up into the remote mountain areas where plants have been grown in the same way for centuries. Sue has also sourced material from the UK , Australia, Fiji and New Zealand.

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